Excel Award

The Key Stage 3 EXCEL Award

The Bridgewater KS3 EXCEL award celebrates for all pupils everything that they are a part of in school. Through the award, pupils will be rewarded for their successes in learning, serving the community, representing the school and supporting school events. They will also be rewarded for developing themselves as positive and active citizens and in the perseverance of strengthening areas of weakness and maximising areas of strength. Our students are outstanding, they already participate in many of the areas mentioned above and leave us as thoughtful, confident, articulate and ambitious young adults. Through the KS3 Excel award they will now be formally recognised for this.

Enrichment: Pupils receive EXCEL points for attendance to all enrichment activities
EXcellence: Pupils receive EXCEL points for punctuality, uniform and conduct
Community: Pupils receive EXCEL points for acts of fundraising and helping out at school events or helping others
Enterprise: Pupils receive EXCEL points for participation and success in enterprise days to develop team building skills and initiative
Learning: Pupils receive EXCEL points automatically for their Interim progress for all subjects that they remain on or above target for.