Y7 & Y8 Exams Experience

Year 7 pupils will sit examinations in all subjects during the week beginning 12th March, with Y8 starting on 19th March, as part of the ‘Bridgewater Exams Experience’.

The primary purpose of these examinations is to prepare our pupils for the important exams they will sit when they are older. Whilst it is important for pupils to perform as well as possible in all exams, the ‘Bridgewater Exams Experience’ is about helping pupils manage the process of sitting exams and reflecting on their marks.

The letter below explains more detail with regard to this process and also attached is an electronic copy of the booklet which Y7 and Y8 pupils have been issued with.

Y7 Exams Experience Letter

Y7 Exams Experience Booklet

Y8 Exams Experience Letter

Y8 Exams Experience Booklet