Skills Test

Important Information for Initial Teacher Training Applicants

If you are applying for an ITT programme, you will be required to have passed skills tests in numeracy and literacy before starting the programme.

When can I take the tests?

You must have submitted an application form for an ITT programme before you can register for the tests. Registration and booking for the skills tests will be available from the Department for Education website.

Go to and follow the link to ‘Skills test registration’.

What is the format of the tests and where can I take them?

The tests are computerised and can be taken at any of the Learn Direct Test Centres throughout the UK.  To locate your nearest Learn Direct Test Centre, visit the Department of Education website.

At what level are the tests set?

The length of the tests and questions are equivalent to Key Skills level 2/3.

Do I still need GCSE grade C or equivalent in Mathematics and English Language?

Yes. The tests do not replace the GCSE grade C equivalence entry requirement.

What is the pass mark for the tests?

The pass mark for each test is 63 per cent.

How can I prepare for the tests?

Online practice tests, details of test content and test format, and recommended books are available on the Department for Education website. Go to and follow the links to ‘Numeracy skills test’ or ‘Literacy skills test’.

If I fail a test, can I resit it?

Yes. You are allowed to sit each test up to 3 times. If you do not pass each test within 3 attempts, your application cannot progress. We therefore recommend that you make use of all the preparation resources on the Department for Education website before taking each test.

Will I have to pay to take the tests?

The first attempt at each subject is free of charge, but a charge of £19.25 per test will apply when booking a resit.

Where can I find more information?

More information is available on the Department of Education website.