What are the entry requirements?

5 GCSE’s at A* – C including a minimum of a grade B in GCSE Mathematics.

Course Outline


Decision 1 or Mechanics 1

Core 1

Core 2


Statistics 1

Core 3

Core 4

How will I be assessed?

You will take 3 exams in Y12 to complete AS Maths and 3 exams in Y13 to complete the full A Level. The exams are equally weighted, last 1 hour 30 minutes each and you may use a calculator apart from in the Core 1 exam.

What will I study?

Decision Maths involves logical thinking to solve real life problems and has close links with Business Studies and Computer Science. Topics studied include algorithms, linear programming, critical path analysis and networks.

Mechanics involves solving the type of real-life problems you study in Physics. Topics studied include mathematical modelling, vectors, kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, statics and moments.

Statistics involves analysing data and is relevant to all courses, but particularly Biology and Psychology. You build on topics from GCSE such as statistical diagrams, averages and probability as well as learning new topics such as regression and The Normal Distribution.

Core Maths develops the algebraic skills needed to solve problems. You build on topics from GCSE such as solving equations, graphs and trigonometry as well as learning new topics including differentiation, integration and logarithms.

Where can it lead me?

Maths is a versatile and challenging subject that has applications in many fields ranging from Accountancy to Zoology. It is obviously heavily used in Science, Computing and Engineering but is also used in Psychology, Business Studies and Economics.

Course Information
  • Course Id:EDEXCEL

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