Media Studies

What are the entry requirements?

5 GCSEs at A* – C including English Language.

Course Outline


MS1: Media Representations and Responses (50% of AS, 25% of A Level)

MS2: Media Production Processes (50% of AS, 25% of A Level)


MS3: Media Investigation and Production (50% of A2, 25% of A Level)

MS4: (A2) Text, Industry and Audience (50% of A2, 25% of A Level)

How will I be assessed?


MS1: One written exam

MS2: One internally assessed coursework unit


MS3: One written exam

MS4: One internally assessed coursework unit

What will I study?

WJEC Media Studies specification is designed to allow you to draw on your existing experience of the media and to develop your abilities to respond critically to the media. It enables you to explore a wide variety of media, including digital media technologies, drawing on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media: texts, industry and audiences.

The specification also encourages creative work to enable you to gain a greater appreciation of the media through your own production work and to develop your own production skills. At A2 in particular, students are given the opportunity to research a topic which will then form the basis for your production, thus encouraging you to create productions informed by an awareness of contemporary media issues.

Where can it lead me?

Employment: advertising, journalism, TV/film production, teaching, marketing. Key skills: ICT, communication, problem solving, working with others, improving own learning and performance. Wider curriculum: developing understanding of economic, cultural, social, ethical and moral issues.

Course Information
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