STEM Careers Event

24 STEM ambassadors visited Bridgewater on Thursday 10th March:

They visited every Y9 Science class and talked with students in small groups for around 10 minutes at a time, answering questions about their careers.

We had ambassadors from United Utilities, Barclays, Sellafield, Network Rail (including an ex-student) as well as number of freelance engineers.
Here are some quotes from some of the Y9 pupils who took part:
I found out…
      “…that having STEM qualification opens up lots of job options.”
      “…about lots of jobs I had never heard of.”
      “…about different levels of apprenticeship and how they help train people for a job.”
      “…that you don’t have to go to University to end up in job.”
      “…how interesting an aviation engineer is and it is more than being a pilot.”
      “…STEM subjects are important for most jobs not just for being a mathematician or scientist.”
      “…that everyone has the same number of holidays.”
From the ambassadors’ point of view they commented on the pupils being a credit to the school and some were really pushed by some of the questions the pupils asked them e.g. Why do you do your job? What would you be doing if you hadn’t chosen the job you are doing now? Does your job make a difference to people?

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