The Final “Take a Bow”

“Take a Bow” is a traditional performance every Performing Arts Year 13 class has presented at Appleton College.

As the last Performing Arts class ever at Appleton College made up of students Fin Bailie and Macy Fannon, we decided to include everything we could to look back on Appleton College’s history and look forward to Bridgewater High School’s future in the Performing Arts.

In the performance, we included many past BTEC students in the final number who have all gone on to do amazing things inside and outside the Arts. We also included BTEC Year 10 students who not only performed in two songs in the show but devised another two that also went into the show

The show itself went incredibly well and was a fantastic end to not only two years at Appleton College but an amazing five years at Bridgewater High School as well.

Written by Fin Bailie

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