Frank Prosser KS4 Winners 2018

Congratulations to our KS4 winners 2018.

Again the standard was very high and it was a tough call for our judges.

Well done to all who took part.

1st – Loren Taylor – 10JH – A&E – “One of my challenges in life is to stay out of here, unlike my accident prone brothers!”
Joint 2nd –  Ealish Green – 12SEH/LH (2 photos we couldn’t decide between)
Pebbles – “The pebbles were so hard to get balanced in a tower. It was so precarious yet so solid at the same time. They represent the challenges we face every day in life – small compared to everything around us yet significant when they are the focus of our attention. Everything can fall down at any moment, yet when we succeed, the results are majestic.”
Pencils – “Whenever you pick up a pencil, your challenge is to make something worth looking at. Whether it be writing, sketching, colouring or problem solving, the hardest part of the task is getting started: picking up your pencil and making a mark on the page. Every time I pick up a pencil, I challenge myself to create something new, to push myself further and to really explore the infinite possibilities that my mind and such a simple piece of equipment can produce.”
3rd – Owen Glenn 10DT – “An atmospheric insight into the challenges we as a group faced during our silver D of E expedition training. “

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