“Move It” Dance Trip

On Saturday 11th March we went to ‘Move it’ in London with other dance students from Years 10, 11 and 12.

It was really good and there were so many classes to do: I chose to do Jamaican dance hall, tango, hip hop and commercial. Some of the other students did ballet, contemporary and yoga. It was a really good day out and it was amazing to try different types of dance and see this huge dance event. My favourite was hip hop because it was lively, fun and I have never done it before. Besides the classes there were also performances all day on the main stage of Britain’s Got Talent winners and some of the leading Dance colleges in the UK. I enjoyed watching these and there were also lots of shops and stands all around the Excel centre to find out about colleges and universities that offer dance courses.

Written by: Rebecca C,Year 11

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