The Bible: Minecraft-style!

The Bible Society are running a competition to recreate your favourite Bible story in Minecraft!

Here is some information about the competition from Mrs Griffiths…

If you are aged 13 or over and this is something you would be interested in then all you need to do is choose a story from the Bible – there’s loads to choose from but if you need guidance I will be happy to give ideas.

I have included links for full details of how to enter and submit your entries directly to the Bible Society, together with the terms and conditions of entry and winners from 2018 for inspiration.  Closing date is 24th August 2020.

If you send me a copy of your entry I will arrange for these to be collated for a display of your creations ( but you must still submit your entries to the Bible Society as per below.  It would be lovely to have a winner from Bridgewater as I know how creative you all are.