The Debbie Luty KS4 Award

The Debbie Luty KS4 Award

Drama teacher and special friend at Bridgewater High School
(1998- 2011)

Debbie was a beautiful person. So kind and so loving. She put everyone before herself and wanted the best for people. She was a wonderful teacher here at Bridgewater. I worked with her as Co-head of Department and then she became an Advanced Skills Teacher, visiting other schools and training teachers to become outstanding in their role. She was so good at her job. Outstanding. When I first came to the school in 1999, Debbie had been here for a year. She took me under her wing and gave me so much inspiration to become even better in my job. She helped me so much and I would not be where I am today as Head of the EPA Faculty without her.

During “Smokebusters”, – a Performing Arts project linked to the Fire service – Debbie met her wonderful husband Adrian. I had the privilege of singing at their wedding and the Smokebusters gang of lovely pupils were there too. It was beautiful.

It is very sad that we have lost Debbie. Our hearts go out to her Adrian and their families. She will live in our hearts forever. The EPA Faculty will continue to celebrate her through an Award, in her name, that will go to a pupil each year for their contribution in Drama. Adrian Luty has purchased this lovely award and each year the pupil that receives it will also be given £300. The pupil will choose a charity of their choice to donate £100 to and also be given vouchers worth £200 to buy theatre tickets. Debbie would love this.

This year the Award has gone to Jack Wheelhouse in year 11 for his hard work in BTEC Musical Theatre. Jack also studies GCSE Music.

Congratulations Jack!

By Melanie Plimmer

Here are some pictures of Jack and the award along with a video clip of some of Jack’s work:

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