Y8 Exams Experience

Year 8 pupils will sit examinations in all subjects during the week beginning 29th April.

The primary purpose of these examinations is to prepare our pupils for the important exams they will sit when they are older. Whilst it is important for pupils to try to perform as well as possible in all exams, the ‘Bridgewater Exams Experience’ is about helping pupils manage the process of sitting exams and reflecting on their marks.

Attached is an electronic copy of the booklet which  Y8 pupils will be issued with shortly after Easter.

It is very important that pupils keep these booklets with them in school from the moment they are handed out until the point, after the exams, when all of their exam marks (and what went well/even better if) have been passed out by each of their subject teachers.

Year 8 Bridgewater KS3 Exams Experience (pdf)
Year 8 Bridgewater KS3 Exams Experience (Word)