Year 11 Prom

On Thursday 29th June, our Year 11 students said goodbye to high school by having their prom.

On Thursday 29th June 2017, the Year 11 pupils at Bridgewater High School said their final goodbyes to each other in the recent prom. Most of the year had finished their GCSEs the previous week and so went on to attend the prom in celebration.

The students set off from Upper Site at 6pm and the prom commenced at the Cheshire Race Course. Their heads of year, Mrs Pinnington and Mr Kueres were sad to see them go.

One student said “It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but it was a fantastic night.” Good Luck to all of the Year 11s in their future plans!

Written by Emmi W and Isobel G, Y8 Press Team

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