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About Bridgewater High School

Bridgewater High School is proud to be a founder member of The Challenge Academy Trust (TCAT). For more information about TCAT please click here.

All Bridgewater students merit an education that broadens their experience and prepares them for the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. As part of this, Bridgewater students will need the best possible qualifications available to them. Many of our students come from outstanding primaries where they have already shown high levels of achievement and it is for us to build on this progress and ensure that at the end of KS4 and then again at the end of KS5 they reach their full academic potential. This will only happen where academic rigour is balanced with outstanding care and guidance in the context of an enriched educational experience. We believe we offer this and can provide all students with the opportunity to thrive.

School Prospectus

Our school prospectus has recently been amended ready for our new intake and features our most up-to-date results data.

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Policies and Procedures

All policies are regularly updated and ratified by the Governing Body and are available from school. For policies not already covered on our Reports & Policies page, see below. Other policies are available upon request: Please email any request to: p.mcewan@bridgewaterhigh.com.

Alternatively please contact Mrs P. McEwan on 01925 263919.

Attendance Policy
Drugs Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Mobile Phones & Technologies Policy

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