Principal’s Welcome

Principal’s Welcome

It is with great pride and honour that I introduce myself as the Principal of Bridgewater High School.  I hope that the information that follows, along with that on our website, will give you a flavour of why I would describe our school as being ‘exceptional’.

Bridgewater High School is successful and we judge that success on the character of our students and their ability to pursue any pathway they choose once they leave us at the end of Year 11.  Whilst our students excel in their academic study, our vision is much broader than that and it is a privilege to lead that work.

My vision for Bridgewater High School is for students to develop, mature and succeed through personal and academic growth.  To do this requires world class teaching of a broad curriculum which provides rich knowledge and understanding, alongside personal development, care, guidance and support which instils resilience, empathy, respect and compassion.

My vision for our school is to place our students at the very front of any opportunity they desire, upskilling them with the agency to navigate an exciting future for themselves, whilst making memories that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

I described Bridgewater High School as exceptional and I do so for one reason only; the students, staff and families that make up our community.  Our school is privileged to have a motivated and highly skilled staff body, supportive families and students who never fail to amaze on a daily basis.  The majority of students come from excellent primary schools, having had an excellent start to their education.  They are bright, conscientious and ambitious. They enjoy their time here and generate a positive climate where everyone can succeed.

Bridgewater High School is renowned for its rich, inclusive environment, which is part of our longstanding commitment to supporting every student to achieve their potential regardless of context, educational needs, background or prior attainment.  All students benefit from this environment as we meet the needs of all our community.

When we consider what makes us Bridgewater High School, we look towards a set of values that we aspire to demonstrate on a daily basis.  Many of these values have been in the bricks and mortar of our school for decades, whilst others aim to ensure that our community has the values to flourish in a modern age.

Kindness – Pride – Integrity – Collaboration – Precision – Inclusivity 

Whilst I am extremely confident in, and proud of, what our school has to offer, I am very mindful that it is difficult to visualise this when you are not here with us on a daily basis.  Over the course of the academic year 2022-23, we are committed to ensuring we celebrate more openly our students’ successes and achievements.  We are also committed to providing a much bigger window into our school to support parental choice by putting our greatest asset, our students, onto the pedestal they deserve.

With those few words, please return to the website over the year and follow our social media streams to witness the progress our students make and their fantastic achievements.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Keiron Powell