Learning Resource Centre

Learning Resource Centre

Bridgewater’s Learning Resource Centre (School Library) is situated on both Upper and Lower Schools, and serves their respective needs. Both Learning Resource Centres (LRC) are staffed throughout the school day.

The LRC provides a wide range of fiction for leisure reading, resources to support the curriculum and also material of general interest. Computers with internet access are available in each LRC.

The LRC is open each day before school, break time and lunchtime. Pupils are encouraged to visit the LRC for borrowing books, both fiction and non-fiction, reading, researching and completing homework.

Click here for more information on our Lower School LRC (Library) and reading suggestions for pupils joining the school in Y7.

Reading for Pleasure

Cheshire Librarians’ Book Quiz

Each year a group of Cheshire School Librarians produce a quiz for Year 7 and Year 8 pupils in order to introduce pupils to different books whilst sharing a love of reading. Each month groups of four pupils read a set book and then come together to complete a quiz on that book and fiction in general. Several groups are reading at the same time which brings in a strong element of competition within the school as well as within Cheshire. At the end of the quiz pupils may go to the final with other schools where they will meet one of the authors.

Cheshire Book Award

The Chehsire Book Award is designed for older pupils to share their love of reading and to develop their reading experiences. Cheshire, Warrington and Halton schools recommend books each year to be included in this Award scheme. Each book must have been published within the previous twelve months. Seven books are finally selected, all of different genres, to be read between October and May. Year 8 and year 9 pupils may take part in the Award. Groups of five or six pupils read a book and then come together with a member of staff to discuss it before moving onto the next one. Each book is voted upon by all schools taking part and an Award Ceremony takes place in June when the pupils have the opportunity to meet some of the authors.

Reading Recommendations

Adventure Reading List

Dystopia Reading List

Fantasy Reading List

Graphic Novel Reading List

Historical Reading List

Horror Reading List

Humour Reading List

Manga Reading List

Y7 Reading List 2020

Young Adult Reading List 2020

The Reading Cloud:

This is where pupils can see what books we have in the library and make reservations. This is also available as an app.
Pupils should log in with their usual school log-in username and password.