Teaching & Learning

Teaching & Learning

Bridgewater High School remains committed to the development of high-quality teaching and learning across the whole school. We have a variety of forums in which this takes place including faculty meetings, INSET days, our staff CPD programme, news flyers and short-term projects (including Developing Outstanding Learning and IRIS – the chance for staff to reflect on their own teaching practice).

Bridgewater has also created its own Teaching and Learning blog in which our own staff contribute articles for other staff to reflect upon and learn from. This can be viewed at:


Alternatively you can follow our T&L feed on Twitter which automatically tweets each time a new blog post has been added: @TalkBridgewater

More recently we have begun to make contact with our fellow TCAT schools in terms of how best to develop teaching pedagogy and to support the development of our staff to this end, with the ultimate impact being upon the learning of the pupils themselves.