Personal Development and Enrichment

Personal Development

Excellence in Personal Development Award

As part of our ongoing work around Personal Development, we have signed up to a nationally accredited qualification in the form of “Excellence in Pupil Development Award”.

It is run by the same organisation that accredited our ‘Wellbeing Award’ which we completed as a school a few years ago.

The award will provide a structured framework to evaluate and enrich our pastoral curriculum, and will ensure that promoting positive pupil personal development sits at the heart of our school both now and in the future.

More information can be seen in the linked documents below:

Enrichment Curriculum

Enrichment and Wider School Opportunities – Information for New Starters

A huge variety of after school activities awaits pupils at Bridgewater High School every day of the week during the school term. We pride ourselves in our diverse enrichment programme giving pupils a chance to get involved in activities they might not have previously thought of. Activities are delivered in ten session blocks , mostly by our own enthusiastic and dedicated school staff, however there are some external providers that provide coaches to deliver some activities on school premises each week.

For further information, when school reopens, speak to our Enrichment Coordinator  Jo Blakeley on 01925 263919

We are delighted to be able to offer a new enrichment curriculum for 2022-23. See below for details:

KS3 Support & ENRICHMENT Lower Summer Term 2023-24
KS4 Support Schedule Upper Summer Term 2023-24