Selection Criteria

Have you got evidence of:

2(ii) degree or above in a relevant subject?Yes
GCSEs in English Language, Mathematics at C Grade or above?Yes
Normally Grade B at A Level in relevant subject or standard equivalent?Yes
Recent and relevant experience in an
English secondary school?
Must be undertaken prior to interview. If not we can help you arrange this
Pass in the Professional Skills Tests in
Mathematics and English?
Yes. If not, don’t worry, this normally needs to be passed by the fourth week, after your interview date and
we can support you with this
Commitment to career in teaching?Yes
Reflection on previous experience in school?Yes
Effective communication skills?Yes
Excellent interpersonal skills?Yes
Leadership potential?Yes
Ability to relate to and engage with young people?Yes
Display a range of personal characteristics
including flexibility, communication,
independence and resilience?
Strong subject knowledge?Yes
Knowledge of issues linked to secondary education?Yes
Ability to work well effectively as part of a group?Yes
Ability to work under pressureYes
Ability to meet deadlinesYes

If you can answer yes to these criteria, please get in touch.

As we get to know you throughout the application procedure, we will give you feedback on any aspects requiring development.

If you are unsure about any of these aspects, just contact us for an informal discussion.