About Appleton College

About Appleton College

Appleton College is all about success. As part of this, we believe our students deserve an education that broadens their experience and prepares them for the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. Students at Appleton College will need the best possible qualifications available. Many of our students join us with outstanding results gained in Year 11. We build on these results and ensure that the academic potential of every student is met. Students who attend the College benefit from the great advantage of having teachers who know them and know how to get the best from them. We challenge students academically and provide them with powerful support.

Just some of the reasons why people come to Appleton College:

High standard of teaching

We have a high standard of teaching and staff work extremely hard to ensure you achieve the very best results.

Wide range of subjects

We have a wide curriculum offer of 29 subjects which accommodates the vast
majority of students. This year we have introduced Government and Politics.

Newly refurbished Sixth Form

We have a large dedicated sixth form study area and have recently refurbished the common room to provide another work area and more informal seating. Students and parents are normally impressed with the sixth form facilities.

Outstanding care and guidance

Being a small Sixth Form, nobody ever goes ‘under the radar’ which easily occurs in a large institution. Our students tell us that they could not be happier with the support we provide and always find it easy to find help and advice across a whole range of academic and pastoral issues.

Small teaching groups

The average size of our teaching groups is 14 students which critically gives teachers more individual time with students. It also allows teachers to more closely track progress and produces more constructive relationships between teacher and student.

Teachers know you…

The importance of having teachers who know you and understand how you work best cannot be over -estimated. We believe this puts us in pole position in terms of ensuring you achieve your potential and enjoy your studies.

An ethos of aspiration and achievement

Everything we do is about challenging our students to aspire to the very highest levels by providing powerful support. We believe in the potential of our students and we are very proud of their achievements.

Powerful academic support

The progress of students is meticulously tracked and early intervention is provided when required. Our small classes make it easier to ensure that no one is overlooked and the right support is offered. Many students require support in organising their time and as such have non- contact lessons timetabled to the study room.

A track record of excellent examination results

Our students make excellent progress at Appleton College and achieve excellent examination results. Each year, most students win a place at either their first or second choice university.

An environment where everyone matters…

We pride ourselves on ensuring that every student receives the same high quality experience at Appleton College. We are an inclusive college and give students every opportunity to succeed.

Excellence for everyone

Excellence for everyone is a partnership between staff and students with a simple aim to bring out the best for every student at Appleton College in both academic achievement and personal development. We believe that all students deserve to be treated in a special way.

At Appleton College we are keen to ensure that you reach your full potential and achieve the best possible academic results, and that includes a dedicated programme to help you gain a place at a top university. For all our students including those with the top GCSE grades, we have the expertise and experience in supporting applications to the countries top universities including Oxbridge and Russell group universities.

This year 90% of our students gained a place at their first choice university and 40% gained a place at a leading university.

Stretch and challenge

At Appleton College, we are keen to make sure that all our students who join us reach their full potential.

We work hard to ensure that the most gifted and talented students make the most of their time with us. We want all the students who join us to have genuinely high aspirations and be the best that they can be. Students with specific creative/ sporting talents, will benefit from enrichment work and support in the specialist subject areas.

The Scholars’ Programme which is centred around academic challenge, is a specially tailored programme of support for gifted and talented students who want to apply to Oxford, Cambridge or other highly selective courses or universities where the entry requirements are typically extremely high.