RS, Philosophy & Ethics

What are the entry requirements?

5 GCSEs at A*-C to include English.

Course Outline


Paper 1: AS Philosophy of Religion (50% of AS)

Paper 2: AS Religious Ethics (50% of AS)


Paper 1: A2 Philosophy of Religion (50% of A2)

Paper 2: A2 Religious Ethics (50% of A2)

How will I be assessed?


Two written exams both lasting 1 hour 30 minutes


Two written exams both lasting 1 hour 30 minutes

On all examinations students answer two questions from a choice of four. There is no coursework.

What will I study?

Philosophy and Ethics offers you an interesting and intellectually challenging A Level.  This course will help you develop an understanding of moral, ethical and cultural studies.  Philosophy and Ethics develops a variety of skills including discussion and debate, logical argument and critical evaluation.  All these skills are transferable.

In Philosophy you will study:

• Ancient Greek influences (Plato and Aristotle)

• Judaeo-Christian influences

• Arguments for and against the existence of God

In Ethics you will study:

• Ethical theories e.g. Natural Law, Utilitarianism

• Applied Ethics e.g. Abortion, Euthanasia, War & Peace

These units are then carried forward to A2. Areas of study include:

• Life & Death

• Free Will

• Conscience and Virtue Ethics

• Environmental Ethics

• Sexual Ethics

Where can it lead me?

Philosophy and Ethics is highly regarded by universities and employers.  According to the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service, graduates in Philosophy and Ethics enter a wide range of careers, for example; broadcasting and the Media, Education, Finance, Law, Politics, Journalism, Medicine, Police and Social Work.

Please be aware that this is subject to change as the specifications for the new as and a2 level qualifications will not be approved and published until the autumn of 2015 for first teaching in september 2016

Course Information
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