Expansion Project Consultation

Works are due to commence at the Upper school for the newly proposed Expansion Project. The construction works will be carried out by Read Construction Holdings Ltd and managed by our Client Representatives E3 Cube Ltd. Read Construction Holdings Ltd, are a contractor from Brymbo, Wrexham. They have vast experience of working within all sectors including Education and “live” school environments. They will commence setting up the site works from the 19th October 2021. Works are due to complete in Autumn 2022.

We envisage minimal- if any, disruption to the education of our students. The main changes are:

Student footpath from Broomfields Road

The footpath that goes from the playground directly to Broomfields Road will be re-laid and further secured.

Main Entrance for visitors at Upper relocated near to Broomfields Leisure Centre

The main entrance for visitors will move to the back of the school near to where Broomfields Leisure is located. If you are visiting the school therefore, you will need to park on the carpark we share with the Leisure Centre. This is also where any taxis will drop off and pick up.

New signage from Broomfields Road should make this clear.


Part of the playground at Upper will be sectioned off where the new build is taking place.

This is a huge opportunity for the school and it is great to be finally getting underway. We will look to post updates after half term on our website and via twitter @BHSnewbuild. If you have any queries please contact Terry Devlin, Premises Manager t.devlin@bridgewaterhigh.com , or Jill Stanton, Business Manager j.stanton@bridgewaterhigh.com.


The Consultation to expand Bridgewater’s Published Admission Number (PAN) from 300 to 360 in 2023 has been concluded.


The formal feedback from the consultation is available here.

The original consultation document can be seen here.

To view the Planning Application Details please click here.


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