Cyber crime awareness

Year 10 students were paid a visit in assembly this week by Detective Andrew Kevan who discussed how social media companies can use our data and real-life crimes that can impact on young people.

As well as raising awareness of cyber-related crimes, this area of online safety is an opportunity for students to understand the changing world we live in and the opportunities available to them.  CyberFirst is a programme to help young people explore their passion for tech by introducing them to the fast-paced world of cyber security.  CyberFirst is designed to identify and nurture a diverse range of talented young people into a cyber security career.  CyberFirst activities are intended to inspire and encourage students from all backgrounds to consider a career in cyber security and apply for a CyberFirst bursary.

Thank you to the Year 10 team for organising the assembly and if you or your child would like to find out more then please visit

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