Ocean Research Q&A

Scientists involved in ocean research engage with our students:

Shaun Rigby is an ex- Bridgewater student who is currently studying for his PhD in Ocean Science at the University of Liverpool. As part of this he was a member of a research expedition that left Southampton on the 20th December and returned at the end of February. They were looking at the role of hydrothermal vents on the mid Atlantic ridge and their role in effecting our climate.

Shaun contacted us back in November and asked our students to answer some questions about science and to also pose questions to the research cruise crew for them to answer while they where at sea. These were passed on to Shaun and he returned the answers which can be seen in the attached documents below – a fascinating read!

FRidge Answers1
FRidge Answers2
FRidge Answers3

For more information take a look at the research cruise’s Twitter feed:

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