Hospital Valuables Warning

Money stolen from elderly patient’s purse

Patients at Warrington Hospital have been warned about keeping valuables safe after an 81-year old women had £40 stolen from her purse.

A pensioner had the money stolen when she spent a week in hospital with an infection. The money was noticed missing when her granddaughter went to check her grandmother’s lottery tickets and found that the purse had been opened but not closed properly. “We looked everywhere”, the granddaughter said. The elderly woman stated that she isn’t that bothered about the money just upset that it is gone. “You don’t expect something to go missing in a place like that where you’re supposed to be safe.”

The robbery is thought to have happened when the patient went from her room to the toilet. Cheshire police have said they are investigating the matter, which took place somewhere between the times of 7pm on Wednesday 2nd March and 3:15pm on 3rd March. Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have said that patients need to be careful about the possessions that they bring to the hospital while in their care.

No one has been arrested yet following the theft but the police are still investigating.

Tom, Y9 Student Ambassador, Press Team



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