MAT Consultation

Schools consult whether or not to form multi academy trust (MAT)

Currently Bridgewater High, Beaumont Collegiate, Great Sankey Primary, Penketh High, Penketh South Primary, Priestley College and Sir Thomas Boteler High School are debating whether or not to form a multi academy trust called the challenge academy trust or TCAT.

TCAT, The Challenge Academy Trust, is a Multi-Academy Trust between seven Cheshire schools. This would mean that the schools would collaborate with learning resources, teachers and in some circumstances funding.

Mr Long current Principal at Bridgewater high school said; “I think it’s a great idea, 100% behind it as it will provide a better learning experience for our pupils.” In a recent consultation it was found that 77% of people agreed with the change if it were to happen.

The MAT will benefit us by buying resources in bulk for eight schools. This will save money and increase the amount of funding spent on students and education. Some concerns were raised about whether each school would lose their identity, but Mr Long was clear that this was not the case. Instead, the move would only affect the amount of opportunities giving to children attending these seven schools.

As a student, I am strongly in favour of this Multi Academy Trust because I think it will increase the standard of education in schools and eventually Warrington as a whole.

Mr Malam, Lead Practitioner at Bridgewater High School said; “it’s not a merger, but instead a situation where the schools work together to provide a better experience for their pupils.”

It is hoped that TCAT will affect these schools and eventually Warrington as a whole really positively.

Joe, Year 9

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