Bridgewater students have reasons to celebrate!

Students at Bridgewater High School have at last got what they deserve for all their hard work and commitment – a great set of GCSE grades.

Principal Tim Long said: “Hard work deserves success and our Y11 students have worked consistently hard over a number of years and have now rightfully received recognition for this. They are the year group who arguably have the greatest reason to feel short changed by Covid-19 but I hope these results go some way to addressing this. They can feel proud of what they have achieved and can look forward to a great future.”

Headteacher Mr Powell added: “I am so pleased for all our students. I remember vividly the sadness of having to say a premature goodbye in March. Now it’s a real joy to be able to say ‘Well done – you got what you deserve’. I am so proud of how you have stuck at it and shown such resilience. Over your time here you have made Bridgewater a better place; I know that you will have the same impact wherever you go next. Keep up the great work and keep making us all proud.”


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