Bridgewater students shine in new style GCSEs

Today Bridgewater students have received their results in the new style GCSEs. Tim Long, the Principal said: “There’s been an understandable amount of anxiety about how students would get on with the new exams. I’m really pleased to say that early indications are that students have performed strongly and I want to be among the first to congratulate them.”

“Some of the most significant changes have occurred in English and maths. This year instead of the traditional letter grade, students will get a number from 9-1. The new 9 number is pitched as higher than the previous A* grade. Therefore it’s particularly pleasing to report that in English 6% of students achieved this top grade whilst in maths it was 5%. These are both above the national figures which were 3% in English and 4% in maths.”

“Because of the changes to the way these exams are graded it’s harder to make comparisons with previous years. However, what we can directly compare is how many students achieved a grade between 9-4 with how many achieved an A*-C in previous years. Again, our students have shone in this year’s exams. The number of Bridgewater students who achieved 9-4 is 79% compared to 74% last year which is a significant increase.”

Mr Powell, Headteacher of the Upper School added: “The students have worked really hard at what were without doubt a tough set of exams. There are some exceptional achievements at all levels and I’m delighted that so many students have reached or exceeded their potential. On behalf of everyone here at Bridgewater I also want to congratulate them on their fine performance.”

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