Frank Prosser Award Winners 2017

The Frank Prosser Memorial Award

And the winners are……

In the summer term a panel of judges met to choose the best photographs from the entries submitted as part of “The Frank Prosser Memorial Award”.  The judges had a very tough decision to make as there were many amazing photographs to choose from.

We are proud to announce the winning photos. Presentations of prizes will be made at KS3 and KS4 Awards evenings.


Erin Flanagan 7KR:
My photograph fits the theme of “My Dream” because it shows my little brother running towards his dream in a beautiful setting on the beach in Northumberland.  The castle represents his dreams of being successful.  The heart drawn in to the sand represents his love of life.  The sun shining down on him gives him hope for the future.

Emily Divall 9HS:
My photo fits with the theme because it shows the road going off into the distance. It represents the journey you have to take to achieve your goals.

Elizabeth Worthington 7KR:
My photo is my hope of discovering new things and going on adventures.  It fits the theme because it’s a picture from when I went on a boat trip in Portugal through lots of amazing caves.


KS4/6th Form

Niamh Lafferty 11AJ (Niamh submitted two images that all of the judges thought were worthy of 1st place and so we took the decision to award them an equal 1st prize in the competition):
Seeds of Hope: This picture is a simple illustration of how children are the future, our future.  We plant the seeds of hope in them and watch them grow.
Through the Looking Glass: This picture represents the gap between my sister’s (the generation before us) future and mine.  We look up to others and can base our hopes and dreams on what they are hoping for.

Eve Woodall 10GC:
This photo reflects hopes and dreams as it shows the “light at the end of the tunnel”.  Light is seen as a symbol of hope and the peace in the photo represents the dream aspect.

Sophie Johnson 11EJH:
As I have grown older I have fallen in love with concerts even more.  The collective environment that is created with people you have never met before while listening to brilliant music like Circa Waves is something that I hope to be doing for the rest of  my life.  I feel that this image captures the community that is created.


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