Anti-Bullying Conference 2017

Primary School children inspired by the 2017 Anti-bullying Conference!

On Friday 17th November, an anti-bullying conference was held in Appleton College for local primary school students about how bullying affects people and what they should do to help the cause. The conference was an insightful cognitive experience for the children and teachers. Mrs Unsworth did an amazing job organising the event and, with the help of the Anti-Bullying ambassadors, hosting and presenting the amazing day.

Throughout the day we watched lots of different videos informing people on the different types of bullying and the different ways to stop it and help people going through it. These included ones about stories of people being bullied and also about different websites and organisations which you can contact for help.

We also played a game where we had to name the characters in various films where a character is bullied. The bullying may be presented in a very funny way but it still may hurt the person in the film. A very amusing example of this is the character of Gerald in Finding Dory. It is funny and we laugh at it but the character is still experiencing bullying.

The students also got a chance to go to various bullying websites like Childline where they could look around the website and read the various information about it and get their heads around the information. They were also a massive fan of the games!

Written by Jake B, Y9 Press Team


In the second part of the day, after a delicious lunch, the children from the seven primary schools participated in making puzzle pieces. The children all decorated a puzzle with parts of their personality, what makes them unique and what makes them special. After everyone had finished their puzzle pieces, each school joined their pieces together to show how we are all different and yet can come together to make one team.

Next, each school was given a picture relating to a specific type of bullying. Students had to write down what the effects of that bullying might have, how someone might feel if they are being bullied and what can be done to help them. Everyone shared their photos and discussed the points that they had made.

All children got to take everything that they had made back to their school so that they could show their fellow students what they had done on this amazing day, why no one should ever bully and what you can do to help if someone is being bullied.

Overall it was a fantastic, fun and educational day. We can’t wait until next year’s anti-bullying conference!

Written by Emmi W, Y9 Press Team

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