New GCSE numbers add up!

New GCSE numbers add up for Bridgewater students

Today Bridgewater students received the new style GCSE results with numbers replacing grades for most subjects. The great news is that the consistently strong results Bridgewater students gained under the previous system are in evidence again today.

Principal Tim Long said: “For students and teachers the first time round for any new exam system will always cause nervousness. The new style GCSE exams that are both tougher in content and marked with numbers not grades has meant that everyone has had to make significant adjustments. However, it is pleasing to report that early analysis shows that the vast majority of students have achieved the grades they were predicted to gain. The core subjects of English, Maths and Science have held their own when compared to previous years. For example, in English over 86% of students achieved the new 9-4 threshold with 81% securing the same in Maths. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the students and teachers on their hard work, dedication and stamina during what was a long, hot exam season.”

Keiron Powell, Headteacher of the Upper School was delighted. “The students in this year group always impressed me with their drive and sheer commtment. We were in uncharted waters this year in terms of the number of written papers students had to take and you can’t underestimate the shift in this new exam system and the demands it places on young people. The great thing is that Bridgewater students have clearly risen to the challenge and secured some really impressive results. They have done themselves, their parents and Bridgewater proud. On behalf of all staff here at Bridgewater I want to congratulate them and wish them all the best in the next stage of their education.”

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