Mental health issues on the increase?

Mental health affects thousands of school students a year and people don’t know enough. Childline released information of calls from children to do with mental health. In 2014/15 there were 8,642 calls; in 2015/16 there were 11,706. This is a 35% increase. Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) says she is going to provide more support to help young people who may be struggling with mental health problems. The plan of action introduced is to help schools and colleges link up with mental health experts in their area to make sure children have the support they might need.

The main mental issues are anxiety and depression. These mental issues come across in an unknown way. Mrs. Pickering says:

“Depending on your environment is how you can deal with mental issues. It is still not completely known but a massive effect is on if you’re in a caring happy environment or an environment with drugs and simply; bad things”

If you’re on your own and think you’re different and nobody understands you. Think again. Even celebrities feel the pain of students. For example after Selena Gomez received an American music award she spoke about when she had time off work because of her issues with anxiety and depression. Though having a mental issue in a bad environment is not a good thing; you have school. Within Bridgewater High School there are facilities like a PDC (Personal Development Center) and there’s a school nurse. Go to these people or centers and professional help can easily be provided including what is being introduced by Theresa May.

Overall awareness should be shown. This awareness should be shown to children without these mental issues, teachers or staff who don’t know a lot about the mental issues and parents. Mental health can’t be helped with you knowing what to do. Mental Health, depression and anxiety are words that are used too lightly. It is more than just feeling a bit sad or upset. Let’s hope that in the future this will change.

Connor, Year 9

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