Schools’ Funding to Change?

Better times ahead for school funding?

Warrington South MP, David Mowat, has stated that schools in the area could be heading for better funding as the government is set to change funding in local schools.

Warrington is one of the poorest funded areas for schools in the country with grants, on average, such as £4,236 per student whereas schools in London, for example, are funded around £8,595 per student. That’s almost double.

David Mowat has said: “This consultation is another important step on the road to getting rid of this unfair, outdated formula and replacing it with one that is fit for purpose.

“I know from talking to heads that schools have had to cut back on teaching support staff as a result of the squeeze.

“That risks seeing children from disadvantaged backgrounds falling further behind instead of catching up with their classmates.

“I hope that parents and teachers in Warrington will get behind this consultation as our town is likely to be one of the big winners from reform.”

The government has said that more than £40million will be funded into schools next year, including £2.5 billion to help disadvantaged children.


Eve, Y9 Student Ambassador, Press Team


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