Year 9 Magazine Writing

Several Year 9 pupils are working on a very interesting article for “RE Today”.

In 1910, the author C.S Lewis (famous for the Narnia series) wrote a book called ‘The Screwtape Letters’. The Screwtape Letters are from Uncle Screwtape, a senior devil of hell, to his nephew, a mere demon-apprentice, Wormwood. The old devil instructs the young devil in the arts and crafts of tempting humans to do wrong, aiming for the damnation of one human in particular, called ‘the Patient’.
Several Year 9 pupils volunteered to write a modern version of ‘The Screwtape Letters’ based on what tempts modern day teenagers. A student participating in the event, Holly Baker, says “It was really interesting to learn what tempts modern day teenagers and why. I’m not religious but that’s what made it so interesting! I’m looking forward to when it’s published”.
The magazine is not due to be published until early next year so there will be more on the subject closer to the time.
If you would like to see some extracts from the original Screwtape Letters, click here:
Screwtape Letter Extracts

Written by Charlotte George, Y9.

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