Students visit Warrington Hospital

A number of our Year 10 students were recently able to experience what life was like in our bustling Warrington Hospital.

The Head of Medical Engineering took the students to his labs and explained about his job, how he got it, what he and his team do and demonstrated some of the equipment within his lab.

The students were then taken on a whistle stop tour in the hospital!

They experienced an environment that included police with injured people in handcuffs, postal workers pushing trollies around, cleaning staff, doctors dashing from place to place, porters and their patients, and a food market within the hospital. That was just from walking down the main corridor!

Students comments included:

“I didn’t know you could do work experience at a hospital”.
(Age 14+ for non-clinical,17+ for clinical)

“I feel it would be too stressful for me; it was way too busy at times”.

“Lots of different experiences!”

“Equipment in hospitals has to fail in a safe way. I learned a lot about medical engineering”

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