Bridgewater Shines at Open Evening

On Thursday 27th September 2018, Bridgewater High School opened its doors for yet another successful open evening for prospective parents and pupils.

There were a variety of displays, stands and activities to partake in. Work on Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream’ was performed by the Drama department, Year 7 musicians played beautifully in the hall, and over in the Food Tech rooms you could explore a crime scene!

One of the parents who went to the open evening spoke to me and said:

“This has been a wonderful evening. It has been lovely to be able to look around the school with my daughter and to be able to see the wide variety of skills and opportunities there are at Bridgewater High School for our children.”

Overall, the open evening seems to have been a spectacular triumph and a wonderful opportunity for parents and future pupils to look around this great high school.

Written by James T, Y9 Press Team

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