Doctor in the House!

Students across the school welcomed former Bridgewater High pupil, Dr Tom Crawford (AKA The Naked Mathematician!!) into their lessons in November and learned how to work in teams to cheat at fun games by applying mathematical logic to them.

Dr Tom, not only formerly one of us, but also a graduate of Oxford and Cambridge University, presents his own YouTube channel, TomRocksMaths, where he explains difficult formulas and ideas, making them easier to understand. He also has created a campaign called Naked Maths; this takes ordinary things in life, which we don’t associate with maths, and links them to maths.

He certainly shook up our lessons making maths fun for once! (Only joking , for any maths teachers reading this!)

We found him, the way he linked maths to non-numerical problems, his ideas and his tattoos very intriguing – we can’t wait for the return of the doctor!

Personally I found this was an extremely exciting experience which I felt privileged to have participated in!

You can follow Dr Tom on Twitter – @tomrocksmaths

Written by Willow K, Y9 Press Team

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