German Exchange Home Leg

German exchange students come to England:

Last week over 20 pupils from Bridgewater High hosted German exchange students for the home leg of the German exchange.

On the 3rd of May over 20 German pupils came to stay with host families. While the German exchange students were here they spent days visiting Chester and Liverpool. On the Thursday everyone involved in the exchange spent the day together at Alton Towers. Tom Gray said “It was great fun at Alton Towers, we got to bond really well with our exchange students”. On the Friday, pupils spent the day in school experiencing a British school day.

Over the weekend, German exchange pupils spent time with their host families, many of them getting a feel of the different culture here in Britain. One of the German pupils, Silas, said “I really enjoyed the exchange as I got to experience English culture and realised how much English I actually knew”.

The away leg to Germany for the English pupils is in July.