The Bridgewater App

The number of users for our new Bridgewater High School app, available on the App Store and Google Play, continues to grow.

Here’s a reminder of what to do if you have not installed the app yet, which is a quick and easy way to access key information as well as to receive push notifications:

App Launch Letter

To clarify one point: when registering as a parent/carer you will be asked to submit details with regard to a child you have at the school. If you have more than one, we advise selecting the eldest child. Please state their year group as the one they will be in September 2017You do not need to register the app twice (or more) for different pupils; it is to register you as a parent/carer.

Also please note – the information about the pupil is just for us to track who has the app; we will not be using the app to send messages to individual pupils or classes. You can, however, switch off particular year groups as we might send a message about GCSE exams to all of Y11 which you do not need to receive (go into messages in the top left, then settings in the top right).

We hope you continue to enjoy using this further step into our improved communications.

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