“Rivers of the World” Art project on display

The artwork which our students contributed to as part of the “Rivers of the World” project is now up on display outside the Tate Modern until the 30 Sept and looks fantastic!

The work was created by local artist Kirsty Rae by taking sections from art pieces created by some of our Key Stage 3 pupils during lockdown. The pupils chose one of several briefs to base their work on. This year the theme was the river of life and the focus river was the Blue Nile in Ethiopia.

You can also view all the artworks created around the UK and the world here:

You can see more of the artwork on display by going to this link:

Thanks to the pupils who took part in this for their hard work; they should be very proud of what their work has gone towards creating. Thanks also to Mrs Silver for coordinating the project for Bridgewater.

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